2017: Thurs 29 June - Wed  26 July 2017
In collaboration with The British Council MILAN, Italy
Days & time: Monday to Friday, 10am - 5.30pm
Fee: € 1631.15 excluding IVA (22%). The fee includes British Council Resource Centre subscription, Interactive WhiteBoard and other training on technology, and a teaching handbook.   
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Two (or more) two fully-qualified and certified CELTA trainers provide you with planning and teaching support through highly personalised guidance, feedback and tutorials to build your professional teaching skills appropriately. 

Full-time Schedule:
Four weeks from 10am to 5pm of intensely busy and engaging days learning about teaching and learning to teach effectively. CELTA days are complemented by further research, preparation and planning as well as preparing four written assignments during your evenings and weekends. 

Tutors provide recommended final grades to an external Cambridge course assessor, who moderates each course. Each grade is based on continual assessment of your Teaching Practice (planning, teaching, reflecting) and the four written assignments. There is no final exam.