CELTA ONLINE (blended)

Teaching Practice at the BRITISH COUNCIL MILAN.

16 OCTOBER 2017 (9 Oct online) to 31 MARCH 2018 

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Two (or more) two fully-qualified and certified CELTA trainers offer highly personalised planning and teaching support and feedback to build your professional teaching skills. The Online Course Tutor (OCT) works online with the trainee group asynchonously and moderates the Discussion Forums and ClassLive (webinars) sessions and may also do the Tutorials.  The OCT may also be one of the Teaching Practice trainers.

Blended Schedule :
Interlaced asynchronous study, discussion forums and videos online with actual teaching practice and observations in person at the British Council Milan every Monday (10pm - 3pm) during the course. The result is not only the depth and richness of a f2f CELTA, but also great skill in using technology for teaching and professional development. 

Tutors provide recommended final grades to an external Cambridge course assessor, who moderates each course. Each grade is based on continual assessment of your Teaching Practice (planning, teaching, reflecting) and the four written assignments. There is no final exam.